Say No to Leakage & Heat

Weathering Tiles

Thermal Insulation is the key to avoiding cracks on concrete roofs in the long term. Protect the terrace flooring with clay tiles. Clay’s inherent thermal insulation property will reduce the thermal expansion of the exposed concrete slabs. Tested and proved leak-avoiding method for decades and most economical way of doing it. They are also the most affordable terrace flooring option.

Nadan Wall Tiles

Nadan wall tiles or traditional wall tiles are still the most economical clay wall tiles for both exterior and interiors. The face size of these tiles is 9 x 3 inches or 230 x 75mm, the same as the wire-cut bricks. Clay wall tiles are the easiest way to create a brick wall effect. The surface is better than wire-cut bricks but not as finely finished as Nuvocotto Wall Tiles.

Most common questions
Most popular topics
No, you should use waterproofing, and weathering tiles are extra protection.
At least one of two degrees, the thermal conduction of the clay tiles is much lesser than the concrete. But this is not a replacement for ac or fan.
Once appropriately installed, no special maintenance is required other than Periodic cleaning.
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