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Adhesive & Sealants

Making the proper bond is vital for the final finish of the construction using clay products. To make it easy, we introduced Nuvoctto adhesives and sealants. By studying the characters and optimizing the bonding strength and other desirable adhesive elements, we ensure you get the best results from the clay products we supply. Adhesive and sealants from nuvocotto enhance clay products’ aesthetic appeal and life.

  • Tile adhesive

    Nuvocotto Tile adhesives are formulated especially for terracotta wall tiles, floor tiles & jaalis. The optimum bonding strength makes it an ideal partner for Nuvocotto products for the desired result.


    Packing Details: 20 Kg Bag
    Coverage: 35 ~ 40 Sf

  • Admix Flex

    When mixed with Nuvocotto Tile adhesive, Admix Flex improves the bonding strength. This is primarily used to fix terracotta products to a metal surface. For Example, Terracotta Jaalis to MS structure or stiffeners to the terracotta jaalis facade.


    Packing Details: 5 Lit ( Mix with 20 Kg Bag )
    Coverage: ~ 35 – 40 Sft

  • Tiles Grout & Water Tight

    Tiles Grout is for filling the joints between the tiles. Nuvocotto Grouts are formulated for joints more than 5mm.Water Tight, mixed with Tile grout, increases grout’s flexibility and water repellent capability.


    Packaging: Grout – 5kg Bag, Water Tight 1 Ltr Bottle Coverage:

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The properly installed roof tiles can last over fifty years unless any external forces break it. Multiple external factors like rain or wind may misplace the roofing tiles, but it can be easily maintained.
The weight of a Standard Mangalore Roof Tile is around 3.00 Kg, and there is tile to tile interlocking. Clay Roofing Tile will not fly unless the wind is extreme. If the Roofing Tiles are over a multi-story building, it is recommended special protection like tieing tiles with a metal wire to batons.
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