The Versatile Breeze Blocks

Nuvocotto Jaalis

Nuvocotto Jaalis, introduced by us in 2017, became a preferred material for external facades, internal partitions, ceiling decoration, or merely as an artifact. The modularity and optimum size of 200 x 200 x 60 mm made Nuvocotto jaalis versatile and adapted to multiple building elements. Nuvocotto jaalis also have a collection of designs that can mix and match to create unique designs.

Nuvocotto Jaalis – Salient Features

Versatile: Nuvocotto jaalis is a vesatile product. Nuvocotto Jaalis can use in Facades, Internal Partition, Ceiling decoration, and even as a paver.

Durability: The clay or terracotta material, once installed as directed, is there forever unless purposely broken. 

Modularity: The size of each jaali block is 200 x 200 x 60 mm, which makes it a small module. Repeating it can create an infinite number of patterns and designs.

Design Choices: Nuvocotto has more than 12 patterns to choose from. 

Quality & Finish: The Surface finish and the quality of Nuvoctto jaalis are excellent and unmatchable. 

Most common questions
Most popular topics
Yes, you can paint jaalis in any colour of your choice. Doing a primer coating before any paint will help to give better finishing and enhance the paint.
Regular dusting is enough if used in the interior. If regular exterior dusting is not possible, periodic maintenance while painting the building is enough.
Jaalis acts like an MS grill or perforated partition. It is necessary to have a glass frame behind the jaali partition to stop flies or rain. If it is used in an Air-Conditioned space, another separation is mandatory.
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