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Nadan Wall Tile

Nadan wall tiles from Nuvocotto are the traditional clay wall tiles with all the goodness. Compared with a better finishing than bricks with non-uniform color, Nadan wall tiles is a good option for interior or exterior cladding if a natural and unfinished look is your choice. The Ranch or crude looked feature wall can complement the finished or sophisticated interior.

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10 to 12%, anything less than 12%, is permissible water absorption for clay wall tiles. You can also use a sealant to make it more durable.
Wirecut brick is a construction material, while wall tiles are a cladding material. Processed clay is used to produce wall tiles, but it is raw clay in wire-cut bricks.
The white patches in the brick are typical. Efflorescence is a powdery deposit of salts that forms on the surface of bricks and mortar. You can remove this by, Mild acid wash with coir or gentle fiber scrub.
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