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Ceiling Tiles

The Clay Ceiling tiles are tiles used under roofing tiles of a fabricated roof to have additional thermal insulation, waterproofing, and aesthetic appeal. Multiple designs are available to match with interior design. Terracotta ceiling tiles are also known as bottom tiles for roofing. The advantage of using ceiling and roof tiles is the feasibility of fixing both on the same pulings.

Advantages Of Using Ceiling Tiles

  • Improved thermal comfort, as it acts as an additional insulator after roof tiles.
  • Ceiling Tiles Provide Better aesthetic appeal for the interior ceiling to match the interior theme.

Ceiling Tiles can cover in any underlay sheets used under roof tiles for additional water-tightness.

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When fabricating a roof, the ceiling tile is a vital element. One should decide the distance between the purlings as on the size of the ceiling tiles. Always have a physical sample of ceiling tile while fabricating; otherwise, there is a high chance it may go wrong.
If you want to create a flat ceiling under a pitched roof, you can create an MS structure. You can also use ceiling tiles in the interior of any room by giving appropriate structure.
Yes, but the overlapping of the tiles may be more and may end up using more tiles if used with other types of roof tiles.
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