Perfect your roof with accessories

Roof Accessories

Roofing with Mangalore Tiles or Nuvoctto tiles will be complete with the right accessories. Every accessory like ridge, koomb etc., has its function either aesthetically or mechanically. While some roof accessories are used to make the roof beautiful, some are used to make it more water-tight and thermally insulating or reflecting. By using the right kind of accessories, you can make your roof good-looking and durable.

Roof Tile Accessories

There are different categories of roof tile accessories. They are

  • Essentials: Ridges are essential roof tiles to complete the roofing. 
  • Functional Underlay Sheets: Different underlays are available for thermal reflection and water tightness. These are optional accessories. They are not mandatory but for extra care. 
  • Decoration: Koomb and Beading are examples of decorative accessories for roofing. These are purely for decoration purposes and optional.
  • Light: Full Glass Tiles or Glass cut roof tiles provide light for the roofing and will create a play of light and shadow.

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Yes, it is possible to add, but you will have to re-lay all the tiles. Firstly all the roof tiles should be removed, lay underlay sheets and install the tiles.
Abutments are notorious for leakages. By using flashing sheets, it is possible to arrest water seepage forever. Flashing sheets are stickers. Fix half of the flashing sheet to the wall and half to the tile. And this avoids water seepage from abutment areas.
Provide enough hooks or provisions to fix accessories. During the roof's construction,
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