Natural luxury with wall tiles

Rustic luxury is timeless. When modern luxury keeps evolving and trends keep changing, the classic styles remain forever. Terracotta wall tiles can be the single element to bring the mood towards rustic luxury. While one of the desired characteristics of clay tiles is ununiform, uniform color is preferred in rustic luxury. This is why Nuvocotto wall tiles create a luxury feel for interiors. The slimmer tiles from Nuvocotto that is 240 x 60 x 9 mm are ideal for a sleeker look. Nuvocotto wall tiles are available in three different colors. The Nuvocotto wall tile’s full-body colors are permanent and won’t fade or decolorize. Dimensional stability is the most salient feature of Nuvocotto wall tiles, making them the best choice for Rustic Luxury color pallets.

Why Nuvocotto Wall Tiles?

Nuvocotto Wall Tiles is the best choice for Rustic Luxury Color pallet because of its ideal size ( 240 x 60 x 9 mm ), unmatched dimensional stability, and availability in three colors.

What makes it excellent for Rustic Luxury Color Pallet?

The natural terracotta color of wall tiles is the most desirable factor in choosing for rustic luxury color pallet. The surface finish, dimensional stability, and no edge chipping are other highlights of Nuvocotto Wall Tiles.

Proper installation of wall tiles is as crucial as the product itself. Following all the correct methods of installation and using the suitable tile adhesive gives the most desirable result.

The durability of terracotta products is unquestioned. You can install wall tiles in different patterns like Stretcher bond, Herringbone Pattern, break joint, etc.

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