The Sophisticated Terracotta

Terracotta Panels

Terracotta Panes are unique among other clay products. When clay products offer an earthy look and feel, terracotta panels give a sophisticated and modern appeal. As the thermal conduction and reflection are minimal compared to other facade material, terracotta panel increases the thermal comfort. The thermal comfort offered by the Terracotta facade adds savings by using less energy for HVAC.

Why Terracotta Panel?

Terracotta Panels are installed using the dry fixing method. The Terracotta Panels have designated grooves for fixing to the clips for installation. No adhesives have direct contact with the panel or structure, which avoids the narrowest possibility of thermal conduction through the panel. Thermal conductivity and the reflection of the panel are relatively minimum, which is the reason for the minimum alteration of the micro-environment around the structure.

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We will provide aluminum channels, clips, and other required accessories.
The standard size of the terracotta panel is 300 x 600 x 16 mm, but against order and a lead time of 60 days, we can manufacture 300 x 900 x 16 or 300 x 1200 x 16mm, MOQ Applicable.
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