Modern Terracotta Jaalis Designs

Modern Terracotta Jaali designs are trending in architecture like never before. Clay jaali’s designs have been the favorite choice of Indian designers for ages, but, in recent times, the usage of these modern terracotta jaalis designs found a new horizon.

Usage of Modern Terracotta Jaalis

Alongside the standard terracotta jaalis, modern terracotta jaalis are used as permeable facades, decorating ceilings and pergolas for decorative purposes. The unmatched quality and the surface finish of these Nuvocotto Modern Terracotta jaalis made them the best in class.

What are these Modern terracotta jaalis designs?

In 2017, The brand Nuvocotto introduced six different patterns of terracotta jaalis designs. They are Camp Jallie, Opal Jaali, Four Petal Jallie, Diamod Jaali, Peral Jaali & Ruby Jaalis. Creative designers wholeheartedly welcomed these new jaalis designs and used them in unconventional ways. The usual usage of jaalis is covering small openings or covering a window opening.

The most desired Edan Jaali Design & Camp Jaalis. Among the Modern Terracotta Jaalis designs, the most desired terracotta jaali designs are Camp Jaalis and Edan Jaalis. Camp jaali can rotate 360 and make an interesting pattern. While the specialty of Edan Jaalis can make seamless optical illusion design.

Ideal For Interior And Exterior: The intrinsic nature of clay makes the ideal choice for both interior and exterior. As clay or terracotta products have been used in building construction for ages, the material’s durability is time tested and proven.

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