The balcony that bricks the exterior inside.

Terracotta Jaalis from Nuvocotto is simple and special. The above image is an entry for Terracotta Design Award 2021 by Studio Camarada, Bangalore. Nuvocotto Edan Jaali is used in this project, and the iron-grey color of the MS structure adds to the elegance of the complete project.

Multiple Usages of Nuvocotto Jaalis:
To cover small openings like a safety grill.
The most basic use of terracotta jaalis is to cover the wall’s opening creatively.

Nuvocotto jaalis can act as a replacement for MS grills for windows and large openings. Nuvocotto Jaalis provide air and light but not at the cost of privacy

To make permeable facade screens.

Permeable facade screens are the trend, and Nuvocotto jaalis are ideal for designing and executing terracotta facade screens. The availability of Nuvocotto Jaalis in multiple patterns is the desirable factor for choosing them for permeable facade screens.

Create a partition wall and paint the color of your choice

You can use Nuvocotto Jaalis to make a partition on the interior or exterior. Another advantage of Nuvocotto jaalis is you can paint it in any color.

Make collapsable wall partitions with metal frameworks.
Openable gates or doors are an essential element to bringing the exterior inside. You can do it in style using Nuvocotto jaalis.

Mix & Match to create unique patterns and designs.
Nuvocotto jaalis are available in multiple patterns in the same dimension, making them ideal for creating an infinite number of designs.

As a ceiling decoration product.
Using the MS framework, Nuvocotto jaalis can be a good ceiling decorative product. Proper lighting also can give a heavenly feeling to the space.

On the Floor as a permeable paver.
Using terracotta pavers in the pavers is a great idea. The best part is that it lets the water seeps in, and Nuvocotto Jaali, as paver, will not block the natural flow of the water.

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